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Scooters For Elderly And Disabled

Electric scooters for the elderly or electric scooters for mobility is a very important aid for improving the quality of life of people with reduced mobility, but which model to choose? How to orient yourself in the purchase of electric scooters for the disabled when the sales offer ranges between multiple models?

The problem is that often the shop near the house, as well as the website, shows us the electric scooter in the catalog without being able to “touch” it and so we can not understand in detail the real differences between the various models of different brands manufacturers of electric scooters for the elderly.

With this article I want to give you some advice to try to understand the differences between electric mobility scooters on the market by looking at them through a website or catalog.

The dimensions are those that often most affect the choice of scooter (electric scooters large and safe on the road or small indoor!) and the photo can well hide the actual size.

Because the limit of the images is just to not be able to communicate the true size, this concept is very easy to understand, just leaf through a leaflet of television offers and notice that the images, if they did not indicate the thumbs, you would not notice at all that a 22″ is half of a 46″.

So read the dimensions in the technical characteristics but also know how to interpret them well, because a few inches can totally change the real appearance and functionality, I give an example: look at the size of a car of any brand and compare them with those of the upper model (eg Fiat Grande Punto and Bravo).

You will notice that the difference in length is only about 30 cm and in width just a dozen, so look at a meter these lengths, they will seem very small, finally look at the two cars live and you will notice the huge difference in volume.

Another feature to keep under control are the suspensions, which are essential to have safety in driving stability and comfort necessary to avoid suffering with continuous jerks; some scooters for the elderly and disabled are completely without, others are equipped with simple metal springs such as those used for the vibratory plates; the best mobility scooters have adjustable springs with shock absorbers type motorcycle and well-designed suspensions.

The batteries are important for the autonomy of the duration of the charge, if small the short duration of the charge would not allow safe travel; some companies selling electric scooters, camouflage the size of the batteries supplied showing the value of the Ampere and not the Ampere/hour; the Ampere data (symbol “A”) simply indicates the peak voltage that the battery can generate.

Much more important is the value of Ampere/hour (symbol “Ah”), which tells us how much voltage the battery generates in a given period of time, that is, the duration of the charge; the greater the Ah, the greater the weight and size of the battery, the greater the duration; to compare this data between the various models of scooters for the disabled, in case of doubt compare the battery weight, weight and size similar corresponds to a similar capacity Ah.

The warranty even if it is not a tangible thing is important in the choice, especially since there are some manufacturers such as G-moving that guarantee electric scooters for three years.

As you can see there are many aspects that differentiate electric scooters for the elderly, to make the choice that best suits your needs is important not to stop at appearances, but to verify all the technical aspects; my advice is to always read carefully the description of the mobility scooter under consideration, because that’s where you can find all the details.

We have to ask ourselves to orientate ourselves in the choice. It’s useless to spend money on powerful engines and great autonomy to move around the house, at the same time we can not choose a weak means to deal with steep climbs.

Finally, in choosing our electric scooter for the elderly, whether it is the shop selling electric scooters physical or on the web, let’s make sure we have the opportunity to return it, it is right that in case of return you pay a small fee (maximum 80.00 euros) but it is a further certificate of good faith of the seller.

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