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Scooter Rental In Bali

It is unthinkable to live and travel in Bali without personal transport – we saw this from the very first days when we arrived on the island for the first time.

If, say, in Thailand or the Philippines, or even Vietnam, public transport is available and can even be used in many places, then in Bali, it is in a very rudimentary state here.

In addition, Bali has very low rental costs for scooters, motorcycles and cars.

However, if you don’t want to drive, if you have enough money, you can take a taxi or rent a car with a driver, and it is relatively inexpensive.

Why does Bali need a scooter?

  • Most of the roads here are quite narrow, and maneuvering on a bike is much more convenient – it is especially felt in cities where you can get stuck in traffic jams and on mountain roads, which are always barely crawling trucks.
  • Often at home, especially where there are rice fields, are located on very narrow streets and they can be reached only by two-wheeled transport Scooter in Bali.
  • Distances on the island aren’t so great – if you don’t plan to travel around the whole island, then bike rides are quite comfortable (although many people will enjoy riding a bike around the island).
  • The cost of renting a scooter or motorcycle is much lower than the cost of a car, as well as the cost of gasoline.

Cost and conditions of bike rental

The cost of renting a scooter in Bali varies greatly, depending on the term and model – as a rule it is 50-80 thousand rupees per day ($4-6) or 700-1200 thousand rupees ($50-90) per month for the simplest options. At rent of a bike for a year it is possible to agree on good discounts. In general, the average price here is 2 times cheaper than in Thailand or India.

The difference in prices is due to the different state of equipment, the place where you rent and additional conditions. Here we do not recommend to chase for cheapness and try to save $20 a month, as a rule, at the lowest price “killed” bikes are rented, with a huge mileage, which is unknown how to behave somewhere on a serpentine. It is better to take a little more expensive, but more reliable equipment.

To rent a scooter in Bali, you don’t need a credit card, driver’s license, or any other documents, all you need is a phone number and local address (or hotel name).

A bike deposit is also not required. As for payment, it depends on the specific point and personal agreement. Sometimes it is possible to agree 50×50 – to pay half in the beginning and half in the day of delivery.

But most often the full amount for the whole month is needed at once. In principle, you can pay at once, but in case of some disagreements, as a rule, the issues are solved more easily and faster, if the entire amount is not yet paid.

Popular scooter models in Bali

Honda Vario

The most popular and versatile scooter, it is well suited for two people, easily enters a pretty steep slide.

There are several variations of the Vario:

  • very old, with an engine capacity of 115cm3 (recently it has been quite rare),
  • The usual – Honda Vario Techno 125, respectively, with a volume of 125cm3 and a large trunk, which fits one helmet,
  • the new and powerful Honda 150. In principle, 125 is quite enough for the majority of tasks for which a scooter is needed. If you want more power, it is better to look in the direction of maximuscuts or big bikes.

Honda Spacy

In fact – reincarnation of the old Vario, with an engine volume of 115cm3, but with a large trunk. Quite a suitable option, especially if you meet with a small mileage.

Honda Scoopy

Analogue of the Vario, but in a more extravagant version, it is especially loved by girls. I like it less in terms of control, but it has a softer seat and Masha is much more comfortable on the back.

Suzuki Skywave

In fact, the analogue of Vario, but from another manufacturer, is also suitable for two passengers (or one, but large). It is not very common.

Yamaha Mio

Previously, it was less powerful than previous models, but the bike was quite suitable for one person to move around the city, in addition, it was a little cheaper. Now, the new models are more powerful, but also rare.

Yamaha NMAX 155

Excellent maxiscutter, which has gained popularity in Bali recently (analogue of Honda PCX). Powerful, stable, comfortable, perfect for long journeys around the island. Practically ideal transport means. From minuses – it is a little more difficult to maneuver in traffic jams and there is no hook, in order to hang a package with products)) Well, it’s worth more than a regular scooter.

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