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Solar Powered Air Conditioners

ALRIGHT I make sure that many of you have a Great Deal Of concerns regarding this particular topic so let us start by clarifying just precisely what is a solar powered ac system. Solar Air Conditioners basically are the cutting edge version of the swamp cooler only even more sophisticated. Long ago individuals in the southerly tier states of the United States discovered that by passing water throughout a follower blown radiator they might benefit from what we know to be “Evaporative Cooling”, which is the same concept that was made use of in earlier processes of refrigeration. When water vaporizes from any kind of surface that surface will essentially ended up being much cooler than the surrounding ambient air temperature.

Now that we comprehend the basic principle of evaporative cooling we can progress to the a detailed description of exactly how and why a solar energy air conditioning unit works and its expense advantages. These systems make use of approximately 4 gallons of water per hour depending upon just how hot the ambient air temperature levels are since the much more dissipation that occurs the cooler these systems operate. Considering that ambient temperatures or even more to the point the outside temperature levels do actually all of the work of cooling the air in the conditioning system and the water utilized likewise humidifies the air top quality completion result is what we call ‘Convenience Air”.

Advantages to this system are numerous as well as will have a deep impact upon air conditioning systems and exactly how we cool our homes and offices for decades to come. The very first advantage I would like to discuss is the fact that these systems need definitely NO chemical refrigerants as it is the Evaporative Cooling that does nearly all the job of cooling the air in your house or business. Secondly, since they use water as a thermal tool the air that is pumped with your duct goes to the ideal comfort level with concerns to humidity specifically in dry climates.

The most impressive advantage to these systems is the since every one of the air conditioning work is being done by evaporation the over all power called for by the entire system is 90% LESS than that of a standard air conditioning system! Yes you review that correctly! I stated 90 percent LESS! A typical standard ac unit for your home needs about 6000 watts of power to work per hr while these systems will operate at complete capability on a mere 600 watts.

Just to put all of that right into perspective with an example you can possibly relate as well let us think about the conventional hand held blow dryer that the majority of females utilize on their hair. These will use up to 1800 watts if you have among the newer models with the multiple fan settings, as well as the C60 solar powered a/c that our firm markets, sets up and solutions will certainly operate on 1/3 of that energy.

Up till this point I have been informing you on all the principles of the evaporative cooling and also power needs of this system as well as you are most likely questioning, “OK, well what concerning the entire SOLAR part of this system”? Considered that our power demand to operate these systems is so low we can really conveniently use 4 – 200 watt solar modules which will offer all the power this entire system will ever require!

Currently I will come full circle and describe the last part of this wonderful system and why it is essential to make use of the solar option with it. All a/c create exhaust air and although the air appearing of a standard system is constantly warm, the air which is tired from this new technology is really cool. Photovoltaic panel which are producing the power that feed these systems will certainly produce much more power at cooler temperatures below 150F. Nonetheless, those people who in fact collaborate with solar panel systems already understand that if delegated their very own in the sunlight heat of the day they can obtain much hotter than this 150F array therefore lowering their power outcome capability by as high as 15%.

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