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Mobility in a subway like Shanghai is everything, reaching places even a few kilometers away can be a struggle with public transport despite the subway now arrives everywhere, and taxis at certain times is difficult to find. A vehicle that has gained a great foothold in recent years is certainly the electric scooter.

Or scooters to be more precise, because by now those pedals use them in a few and they make very cheap … I call mine “the electric chair”.

Why electric and not motorized, you say? Because the internal combustion engine costs more and you have to buy also the plate (which costs from 5 thousand to 30 thousand yuan).

You can also not take the license plate but run at your own risk, if you stop the police the minimum is the confiscation of the vehicle, you do not go to jail but a fine is paid, also to get gasoline at the gas station you must have the license plate (a brilliant law!); now, someone buys it even false on taobao.com for a hundred yuan, but do a little ‘you …

The electric motor costs little (from 2,500 to 4,000 yuan, about), requires zero maintenance at least in the first 2 years, is fast (even 60 km / h) and, hear-hear, recharge it is free (almost always) if you do it from the basement of your home that has precisely the wall outlets.

Ah, you don’t need insurance, but do one for damages against third parties. There are not many around and it is not easy to find them because the companies prefer not to sell them, despite the pressure of the Ministry of Transport.

However, go to the link to get insurance for damages against third parties that we have identified.

For a medical insurance – personal injury consult instead Gianni Airoldi (in Italian, by mail or phone) of Pacific Prime (Shanghai).

Okay, you’ve decided, where will they buy you say? It’s not a problem to find some in the city, shops selling electric scooters are located at every corner like the fruit ones; what you have to be careful about instead is to take a good scooter and especially safe!

Things to consider when buying an electric scooter in China

  • Meanwhile, the aesthetics, there are those to egg very practical or the “wasp” 50s, on the colors you can indulge, if you want custom art-work you can have them for a short time. The latter cost a little more ‘but you are under 4,000 yuan anyway.
  • Brakes and suspensions: check that they are disc-shaped, safer, especially the rear one. The cheapest models are drum models. For suspensions, test them as much as possible with your weight on top…
  • Brand: find out about the brands, don’t get caught up in the economy ‘of some, if they cost too little some flaw will have it, and then what to save, 50 euros?
  • Battery: together with the engine, the most expensive part. Check if it’s 48v or 60v, clear the batteries are from 12 but putting 4 you get to 48, with 5 to 60, that’s all. The more volts you have, the more power and speed, the more distance you can travel too. I have one of 48 (so 4 batteries) and it’s very good, it ‘s not that with 5 become a monster …
  • Removable or fixed battery? If removable means more ‘security that you do not give a shit but’ heavy, in any case if you do not have the sockets in the basement and you have to charge at home or in the office you should make it removable and bring up the block
  • Dimensions of the scooter: we don’t vary much but if you think to use it often with a passenger then look for a little more “dimensioned” especially for the saddle, which fits and is comfortable enough for two.
  • Maneuverability: Try it first at least by sitting on it, it should be suitable for you (keep in mind that they are made for an average Chinese with a height of around 160-170 cm).
  • Marches, or better, variator: they do not have the usual gears but mode, my for example has the mode ‘to climb (slow in a straight but more’ climber), normal (average speed 50 km/h, saves you battery), or “speed ‘immoderate” with a boost of power that comes after a matter of seconds and throws you into the hyperspace of the elevated (10 km/h more about).
  • Warranty: the electric motor is located inside the rear wheel, together with the battery and ‘the most’ important and expensive part of the scooter, if you have to change it costs you at least a thousand yuan, so let me reiterate and in writing the warranty, in the best mopeds and’ also of three years, in those just a year minimum. Apart from the engine, clarify the total warranty of the vehicle!
  • Burglar alarm: stealing mopeds is the pastime of the city, parked somewhere or left the night under the house, it is important to have a good chain or even two, but if they have decided to fool you there is not ‘chain that holds. Better to leave it always in places as safe as possible or in sight, hoping that your parking lot in the campound is safe of course.

Finally, where to buy your scooter: always ask someone first if they have a place to advise you, always better than going blind. Despite the chaotic appearance of the store are good and available as well as having good prices, have several in stock and can advise on models and brands.

You can find 48 and 60 V models, from 2.600 to 3.600 yuan. You can try to deal but do not take away much ‘, you’re not at the fake-market!

Helmet: it’s not compulsory, you can’t find any kind of helmet, from the Nazi one to the medieval knight one, passing through the jockey and the star wars, they cost little and save little in case of bang, but in winter they keep warm and shelter from the rain…

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